Sunday, February 23

The New Zealand Plan

Travelling on a budget can be tough. Finding work on a budget can be tough. Arriving in a new country where you have no friends or family can be tough. So how was I going to cope in New Zealand?

I found my answer about 4 weeks before I left by talking to a colleague (great first hand experience of why you should be nice to those around you).


HelpX is a website where a host and helper communicate and arrange a stay. The host provides room and board, the helper provides around 4 hours work per day. For those who want to meet new people, can afford to travel for weeks and have a limited budget HelpX is perfect. HelpX is what I've been using to travel New Zealand.
My aim was to travel the from Auckland to Wellington with HelpX, which has so far been successful with 5 hosts in; Auckland, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Otaki and Pukerua Bay.

HelpX has allowed me to meet new people, listen to new perspectives, find helpful advice, travel the country, try new things, create contacts and allow me to apply to jobs online. Its not been sunshine and rainbows the entire time, but its been great overall.

My current plan is to go to Christchurch and from there I will consider my next move. Within the next month I will settle in Auckland or Wellington and find short term work to pay for bills, while I find a career. Whatever happens, my experience has been great and the future will be interesting.