Monday, February 10

Food Review: Riders Cafe (Return)

Cuisine: Western
Price: $50 per person
Location: 51 Fairways Drive, 286965 

This review is long over due (ate there on January 1st) so excuse the poor details! I had visited Riders Cafe once before and enjoyed it immensely. I went a second time but the experience wasn't quite as a great as before...
We ordered items from the New Year's and standard menu. From the New Year's menu the fried camembert with quince jam, cauliflower salad with yoghurt and pomegranate, grilled lamb and double cut pork chop with creamy polenta and grilled root vegetables. From the regular menu the lemon posset for dessert.

Crispy and creamy. The camembert tasted great and the jam (which included chilli) worked great. Delicious.

The salad was cold and pretty bland. The pomegranate was the only saving grace.

An immense portion! The pork was succulent and juicy. The roasted garlic and root vegetable mash worked great. The gravy was added a sweet note. However there was a major failing...far too much gravy. As a result the dish became over sweet and nauseating to finish. If the gravy was cut by 75% to leave just a sweet note, it would have been perfect. Unfortunately I got sick of the dish before I finished it.

The lamb had a distinct 'lamby' taste, which is stronger than I've experience before. I didn't particularly enjoy the meat. The gravy and potatoes were reasonable.

The lemon posset came in a ramekin, with cream up to the rim (an inch or so). The layer of fruit was fresh, sweet with a tinge of tart. There was far too much cream however, overpowering the fruit and requiring you to eat spoonfuls of cream to finish the dish.

My 2nd visit to Riders Cafe wasn't enjoyable as the first. Two of the dishes were unpleasant to finish because of overpowering sweet or fat, the real shame is that they would have been fantastic with only minor alterations. The rest of the meal was enjoyable but unmemorable. Riders Cafe still provides fantastic value, with extremely generous portions but this time I walked away feeling disappointed.