Monday, September 23

Food Narrative: Yoshimaru Ramen Challenge

This post doesn't fully fall into review, as I barely had time to savour the food, since I was desperately trying to maintain my pride and save myself $40 for a single meal. This oddity was the Yoshimaru Ramen Challenge, in which you must finish a bowl of ramen in 15 minutes. Simple right?

Cuisine: Japanese
Price: $20 per person
Location: 31 Lorong Liput, Holland Village, 277742

I'm smiling at the absurdity of it all
My interest in Yoshimaru, a chain of Japanese ramen bars, was aroused when I saw a banner advertising an eating contest. Finish a bowl of ramen and you eat it for free. So a couple of weeks after seeing that poster I found myself in the restaurant signing a contract, which among other things required me not to sue if I ended up seriously hurt, or dead. The posters made the bowl of ramen seem tiny, but when the bowl I was served was anything but. It was wider than my chest (as you can see in the picture), filled with rich broth, lots of noodles, 6 pieces of fatty pork, 3 eggs (cut in half) and some seaweed. I had 15 minutes to eat it, all of it, every single drop of soup, and I couldn't spill anything. I thought it would take me an hour to eat the entire thing, simply to prevent myself throwing up. If I lost then I'd have to fork over $40 for the bowl. The pressure was on.

Sunday, September 22

Food Review: Durian Lingers

So every now and then I’ll be posting food reviews. Not necessarily restaurant reviews, as there is plenty of great food in Singapore which you won’t find in a wine and dine setting. Additionally when it comes to food I care very little for d├ęcor, ambience or presentation. I've been too many fine dining restaurants which served mediocre food, at exorbitant prices, for me to care about that any more. Obviously these features can add to the overall experience, but it’s the icing on the cake per se. At the end of the day I'm focused on the taste. So without further or do, here is the first 'review'.

Cuisine: Fruit
Price: $20 per person
Location: 833 Bukit Timah Road, Royal Ville, 279887
Website: N/A

If you haven’t heard of durian then a primer is order. Durian is a fruit native to South East Asia (Malaysia primarily). The skin is covered in thick spikes with the edible portion; the flesh, surrounding large seeds.It has an extremely pungent smell, to the point that it is often banned from public transport and taxis. To some the smell and taste is delectable, to others it reminds them of animal shit. It’s a love or hate it fruit.

So despite Singapore’s proximity to the largest producer of durian in the world, it can be rather hard to purchase and find yourself eating durian at home. Enter Durian Lingers, a fruit shop that specialises in durian, which you can eat right on the premises  They have at least half a dozen varieties ranging from $20-40/kg. I chose one on the cheaper side, which came to $30. Outside the shop itself are a few stools and tables. Its not fancy but it was serviceable  As we sat on some stools outside the shop, the owner cleaved the fruit and left us to eat it.

I was suitably impressed. Obviously I'm one of those that loves durian. It has a delicious creamy texture with an indescribably sweet and inviting smell. I ate it like a child, getting durian flesh all over my hands and face. I could quite happily eat 2-3 durians. Expensive but something I would love to do more often. 

While the 'dining' environment was as basic as you could get, the durian itself was excellent as was the stores other range of fruits. If you are struggling to find a place to eat fresh durian, this is the place to go.


Monday, September 16

My Top 4 Travel Destinations In South East Asia

I'm going to be in Singapore for a while and one of the things that attracted me in the first place was its close proximity to amazing locations. So here's my most sought after travel destinations.

4. China (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong seems like the more culturally rich version of Singapore; with unique Chinese food, bustling city life and attractions like Victoria Mountain. I can’t forget to mention foods like dim sum which is famous in Hong Kong. This city is also the perfect place to get an introduction to Chinese culture.

Monday, September 9

Journey Into Modelling - Part 5

As we arrived on the fateful day we were treated to make up by Roland and hair styling by Easa. We had a long time before the show started; we arrived at 10:30 am for it to start at 2:00 pm. So we practiced the routine for one final time and then got lunch. It was a good opportunity to spend some more time talking to the guys, some of us exchanged numbers. Despite the impending show, we all seemed pretty relaxed.

We returned from lunch to prepare for the show. The first act was the simple group catwalk which was performed well, no mistakes. Next came group poses. Jude wanted us to take off our shirts if we were slim enough. I said I wasn't, I had about three kgs of fat too many for me to look good topless. Between acts we were all desperately trying to change outfits before the next act began. We felt extremely rushed because if you didn't get dressed in time you couldn't go on stage, and the transition times were extremely short. Despite this potential pitfall we were all able to get dressed in time. The solo catwalk came next and I messed it up slightly. I was so focused on smiling at the judges that I was walking too fast. Half way through the catwalk I realised this and slowed down. Finally the dreaded TvC was approaching.

Friday, September 6

Journey Into Modelling - Part 4

When it came to the upcoming show one of the biggest challenges would be changing fast enough between acts. We would have one lesson to learn the routine, one lesson to practice and then the real run the following week. The real run would have an audience as well as experienced models as judges. We were all focusing intently during the lesson. We were only shown the routine a couple of times then expected to remember it.  There was a lot of confusion and hesitation at first, but everybody seemed to have picked up the routines reasonably well by the end. I was still dreading doing the TvC but luckily we didn't have to perform it that lesson, though it would be a required part of the final show.

Sunday, September 1

My Amazing Room Concept Sketch

Edit: I was threatened with legal action and anal violation since I apparently did not own the picture. Here is a picture of my foot instead.