Wednesday, January 23

Not A Game Review: Darksiders 2

Genre: Hack and slash/RPG
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Release date: 14/08/12
Developer: Vigil Games

In Not A Review I won't be delivering my final verdict, only my limited impressions of the game. Why? Because I grew bored of the game before I completed it.

Darksiders was a highly derivative game, with combats mechanic ripped from franchises like God of War and Devil May Cry and dungeon crawling straight from the Legend of Zelda. Despite the whole not being greater than the sum of its parts, Darksiders was none the less enjoyable, if uninspired.
Thus when Darksiders 2 was announced, I eagerly anticipated how the developers would improve the sequel and make a product of their own creation and imagination. While Darksiders 2 is certainly more unique than its predecessor, it still suffers some of the same problems while the new additions have their own set of issues.

So before we get any further I need to state I haven't completed the game. As of writing I've played about 15 hours (recruiting the 3rd undead lord for the bone king). So this is not a review, merely a summation of my thoughts so far.