Monday, September 16

My Top 4 Travel Destinations In South East Asia

I'm going to be in Singapore for a while and one of the things that attracted me in the first place was its close proximity to amazing locations. So here's my most sought after travel destinations.

4. China (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong seems like the more culturally rich version of Singapore; with unique Chinese food, bustling city life and attractions like Victoria Mountain. I can’t forget to mention foods like dim sum which is famous in Hong Kong. This city is also the perfect place to get an introduction to Chinese culture.

3. Indonesia (Bali)

Bali is a destination I've heard about so often I've started to believe the hype. Apparently offering a bit of everything; beautiful beaches, authentic towns, temples, good food and jungle walks, Bali sounds like an amazing place to visit for a few days. I would be spoilt for choice and not sure if even a week would do justice.

2. Japan

Japan is an interesting mix of foreign and familiar. Its probably the most modern and well developed of any Asian country. Public transport is clean and efficient, there is low crime, beautiful cities, its familiar enough to not be too threatening to tourists. But Japan still has a unique culture which presents itself in food, architecture and landscape. I've already been to Japan once and I can’t wait to go again. The various shrines and temples are perfect for photographs and city life is interesting if sometimes overwhelming. Japan is refined yet familiar, providing a fantastic and comforting visit.

1. Thailand

I’d be lying if I didn't say that part of my fascination with Thailand is because of my Muay Thai passion. But that is only part of it. Thailand looks like a lush, vibrant country with a variety of attractions. The rush of Bangkok, the quiet of the country, the beaches of Krabi…ping pong…
I've had relatively little Thai food, but what I've had has been quite fantastic. Surprisingly the best Thai food I've had was in Egypt, it was the best curry I've had. If Thai food can be that amazing in Egypt, then I'm not sure I can comprehend how good it would be in Thailand.
One of the key features I'm looking forward to is that Thailand is still relatively undeveloped, which means it still maintains some of its authenticity and personality.

The mix of food, culture and exploration is why its my number 1 destination.