Friday, September 6

Journey Into Modelling - Part 4

When it came to the upcoming show one of the biggest challenges would be changing fast enough between acts. We would have one lesson to learn the routine, one lesson to practice and then the real run the following week. The real run would have an audience as well as experienced models as judges. We were all focusing intently during the lesson. We were only shown the routine a couple of times then expected to remember it.  There was a lot of confusion and hesitation at first, but everybody seemed to have picked up the routines reasonably well by the end. I was still dreading doing the TvC but luckily we didn't have to perform it that lesson, though it would be a required part of the final show.

It was the following week we had to present our TvC. It was our practice run of the final show which meant we had to run through every act.  As we were going through the acts suddenly our teacher, Roland, exploded into shouts! He was screaming and swearing because some guys had messed up their routine. His right eye became bloodshot as he continued to shout! Eventually he calmed down and everything went on as almost normal. Finally it came to TvC. I hadn't practiced at all, so when I got on stage I basically ad libbed. For whatever reason, I actually did decently. I still felt horribly nervous but I didn't feel as constrained as before. Thus I was able to emulate a girls movement better, and have far more expressive facial expressions. During the practice I got a surprising amount of brotherly love. At one point Zach vigorously shook my hand and Reese gave me a hug. I think it was because I was helping them out and we were all in this event together. When the practice ended Jude gave us some closing remarks. Among them was that me, and two others, out of a class of more than ten were deemed “okay”. The rest of the class he was critical of. Our practice run had concluded semi successfully, the next week was to be the real thing.

Continued in Part 5