Monday, September 9

Journey Into Modelling - Part 5

As we arrived on the fateful day we were treated to make up by Roland and hair styling by Easa. We had a long time before the show started; we arrived at 10:30 am for it to start at 2:00 pm. So we practiced the routine for one final time and then got lunch. It was a good opportunity to spend some more time talking to the guys, some of us exchanged numbers. Despite the impending show, we all seemed pretty relaxed.

We returned from lunch to prepare for the show. The first act was the simple group catwalk which was performed well, no mistakes. Next came group poses. Jude wanted us to take off our shirts if we were slim enough. I said I wasn't, I had about three kgs of fat too many for me to look good topless. Between acts we were all desperately trying to change outfits before the next act began. We felt extremely rushed because if you didn't get dressed in time you couldn't go on stage, and the transition times were extremely short. Despite this potential pitfall we were all able to get dressed in time. The solo catwalk came next and I messed it up slightly. I was so focused on smiling at the judges that I was walking too fast. Half way through the catwalk I realised this and slowed down. Finally the dreaded TvC was approaching.

By this point I had already had practiced my TvC routine three times. Although I felt a degree of nervousness, the last time I practiced it I actually enjoyed it. Our class laughed at my actions which was a good sign! So when I went on stage for real this time, I was still nervous but I actually felt thrilled when I had completed it. I thought I did a good job. The Q&A was unfortunately a bit of a mess. For some reason one judge asked something like “So why are you under confident and don’t think you’d make a good model?”. I was really confused since nothing I had done made that impression. I believe what happened is that the judge had misinterpreted me when I said “On days like today *pointing outside* I regret coming to Singapore”. I think the judge thought I meant I regretted having to do the show, where as I was referring to the horrible heat outside.  I stumbled for an answer and ended up telling her I was a good catwalk and poser. After that the finale was a piece of cake, and the event was done!

The ending was rather unceremonious. There was no celebration meal or drinks. We got changed, Jude gave us a short talk and then we were off. I think the stress of the event and the cooperation between us students helped us become a lot closer in the end. We had started classes as total strangers but left as friends. It was a really nice feeling. This is in no part due to me having no guy friends since I had left Glasgow!

So that was the end of my modelling lessons. It was definitely trying at times with the bitchy-ness, lack of valuable life skills and monetary costs, but ultimately it was worthwhile. It got me out of my comfort zone, taught me how to dress a little better and I made some friends. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see my face in a commercial or on a billboard one day.