Saturday, February 15

Food Review: The Clan Restaurant

Cuisine: Fusion
Price: $45 per person
Location: 18/20 Bukit Pasoh Road, 089832

The Clan restaraunt was quiet when we arrived, with only a few couples for company. The decor was nice and minimalistic and the waiting staff were friendly and attentive. The menu was split into several courses with around half a dozen dishes per course. We shared the 6 course dinner menu (and an extra dessert). We went with a French inspired theme. We ordered: foie gras terrine with focaccia and lychee crumbs. Potato gratin, marinated crab meat with aged balsamico and pumpkin sauce. Crab bisque cappuccino and prawn twister. Duck confit with plum mustard, truffle mashed potato and seasonal vegetables. Peanut caramel feuilletine. Chocolate lava with home made gelato.

The chefs starter was composed of the 3 items above. Nothing memorable about it, the fusion style flavours did not blending well.

I've never been a fan of livery foods, preferring terrine but I wanted to try the foie gras in Singapore. The foie gras tasted like I expected; livery, creamy texture. The lychee balls were a treat, explosions of honey in your mouth.

The potato gratin highlight the fusion theme of the restaurant. I found it quite bland with the mixed flavours not complimenting each other well, tasting too distinct without lifting the dish.

The crab bisque was certainly served in an eye catching manner. I found it a bit pretentious especially when a lot of the soup got stuck in the glass due to its thickness, it would have served better in a bowl. The soup itself tasted fine but nothing outstanding.

The duck confit was the star of the meal. Duck confit is a favourite of mine and I've eaten it frequently in France. I was curious as to whether this could match my expectations. It did. The duck was crispy, salty and cooked to perfection.The rest of the dish, the vegetables and jou, were correctly bystanders to this awesome duck.

The chocolate lava was excellent. It was a small portion but matched well with how increiblu rich the chocolate was. Any more chocolate would have been overkill!

The peanut feuilletine was nice.

The first courses were full of pomp but lacked the cooking excellence necessary for great food. It was only the duck confit and the desserts which saved the meal from total mediocrity.