Sunday, February 2

The 5 Best Things About Singapore

After spending 8 months living and working in Singapore I can say I had a wonderful time. It wasn't all perfect, but Singapore is unique city with lots to appreciate. Here's my 5 favourite things about Singapore.

5. Public transport

Modern, efficient transport at its best. Also the buses look kinda cool.

The public transport in Singapore is comprised of buses and the MRT (train/subway system). Both are unified with a single card payment system. Buses are everywhere and anywhere, and the MRT is extremely fast. Getting around most of Singapore is a breeze and preferable to driving on congested roads. Let's not forget that it is extremely cheap, typically costing under $2 for an hour bus trip.

4. Greenery

Orchard Road at Christmas. The trees are an integral part of the street.

Around 50 years ago the Singapore government decided to improve the aesthetics of the city by planting trees and vegetation through out the concrete jungle. Although the vegetation is not an organic, natural sprawl it really does a fantastic job of keeping this city state lush, vibrant and fresh.

3. A model city

Singapore central lights up at night.

Singapore is very much a modern and affluent city but with many amenities that are missing from other countries.While health care is private, it is of excellent quality and reasonably priced. The city is clean and its rare to see rubbish lying around. Infrastructure is fantastic and crime is extremely low. I felt I could walk around Singapore at any time of day and feel safe. In this aspect Singapore is probably my favourite city in the world.

2. Women


Women in Singapore aren't necessarily better looking than anywhere else in the world, but they have a few qualities that make them stand out. Obesity is rare here and most women are thin and petite, this is in stark contract to the West where many women are overweight. Singapore women are also more traditional, though this may be a bad thing in others eyes. Religion is more prominent than the West with many girls Christian or Muslim. Girls seem more sensible, focused and into family values.

1. Food

Typical hawker fare which tasted amazing and cost less than $25!

The best part of Singapore is easily the food. Hawker centres are spread throughout the country offering meals as cheap as $3 Singapore dollars (around 2.35 USD). What's surprising is that this cheap grub is also of good quality offering a satisfying meal on a budget. Favourites include laksa, bee hoon and chicken rice. In contrast to the cheap and cheerful hawkers you have many high range restaurants offering fantastic tasting and vibrant foods (check some of my reviews). Western food is easily found and there are streets littered with French inspired cafes. The Asian variety is fantastic with Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Indian restaurants. Singapore is a melting pot of great food which is both extremely accessible and delicious.

I had to add another picture since food is so good!