Tuesday, October 8

There's No Such Thing As Too Cheesy

I am writing to you because I want to express how much you mean to me. Sometimes I can be rather gruff and distant but that’s just my nature, it doesn't mean I don’t care about you. I will always care deeply about you.

We've only know each other a few short months but already I feel you’re a part of me. When we first met I knew there was something different about you. It’d never spend so long with one person, when we’d had no established relationship before. Yet those 8 hours we spend walking around Gardens By the Bay and Esplanade were lovely, even when you were criticising Indians!

After that first date, like a shadow, your presence stuck with me. It wasn't just your gorgeous smile or your lithe, tall body. I felt something deeper drawing me towards you. We went to the cinema, we went to St Games (I still think I'm the better dancer), we went to Chinese Gardens where we shared our first passionate kiss. I enjoyed every minute and each date brought us closer. Soon I believed I could, and wanted to, truly open up to you. A yearning I’d felt for nobody else. For me it was a big risk and a big step; a “leap of faith” I called it.

I've never regretted that decision. Opening myself up to you has led me to unimaginable happiness. I love it when I hold you in my arms, I love it when we laugh together and I love it when you use Singlish which I don’t understand and then you have to translate! You display such a deep empathy for other people, and show me perspectives I’d never considered. You have a stubborn determination to see your job through, even when it brings you so much stress. You are truly the most beautiful woman on this planet and just seeing your face makes my day. Every time we meet is a joy and I look forward to every encounter.

Sometimes we have our differences and opposing ideologies but our communication and dedication to each other has allowed us to remain strong. As we continue this relationship I endeavour to never take you for granted and to always cherish you. I want us to grow even closer, our love stronger. I want us to image a future together.

In short I love you