Wednesday, October 16

Food Review: Crystal Jade Kitchen

Cuisine: Chinese
Price: $20+ per person
Location: No.2 Lor Mambong, Holland Village,  277671

In my last visit to Singapore in 2008, I was left disappointed by the quality of dim sum available. At least 2 restaurants in Glasgow served better and at a lower price. This is especially surprising when Glasgow is thousands of kilometres from China/Hong Kong, whereas Singapore is within 4 hours flight. So during this visit I've been somewhat hesitant to eat dim sum, in case its yet another disappointment. However I found myself at Crystal Jade, the same restaurant I had decided was mediocre 5 years ago. This time  it was quite a different experience. 

The menu had a wide variety of dim sum, more than 20 items at around $6 each. We ordered several types of dim sum and dishes: har gow, shaomai, char siu bau, carrot cake, red bean cake, egg fried rice and kai-lan in oyster sauce. The char siu bau was slightly disappointed, considering it took the longest to arrive. The shaomai and har gow were fantastic though. Succulent with a nice deep, prawny, flavour. The vegetables were simply but well cooked; still retaining their crunch with the sauce complimenting the dish. I ended the meal full and completely satisfied. 

Despite my early misgivings Crystal Jade managed to provide a fulfilling meal. I would definitely recommend it for a light lunch.