Wednesday, October 16

Food Review: Creation

Cuisine: Western 
Price: $15+ per person
Location: #01-43 Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Road, 189702
Website: N/A

On my first attempt to eat at Ah Loy Thai we were turned away because the place had already finished orders (it closes at an early 8 pm!). We settled on a nearby restaurant, the choice was Japanese or Western. Against by better judgement I chose the Western restaurant; Creation. The menu was simple enough, various pasta dishes, pizza and other items; generic Western with a moderate price tag.

I chose fish and chips, a dish which should be hard to get wrong. The fish had a reasonable taste but the batter was over fried, to the point it was brittle. Some kind of undistinguishable mayonnaise/tartar sauce accompanied, which tasted like neither and was too sweet. The dish came with salad covered with what looked like store bought dressing. The potato wedges were perhaps the only part done well.

My friend had spaghetti Neapolitan. The sauce was lacking in taste. It was under salted and most importantly lacked a savoury depth, it tasted mostly like tomato water. It seemed clear the sauce had been cooked for an extremely short duration because the slices of onion in the sauce were still semi raw. The pasta was nice and al dente however.

The meal was edible, but when I can cook better food at home, then why am I paying good money to eat mediocrity on some stools! It cemented my opinion to avoid Western food in Asia! Avoid unless you haven't eaten in 3 days.