Monday, October 7

Food Review: The Original Katong Laksa (Janggut Laksa)

Cuisine: Laksa
Price: $7 per person
Location: #1-59, Queensway Shopping Centre, 1 Queensay
Website: N/A

Laksa is a one of the stand out dishes of Singapore. It's composed of a prawn-coconut milk broth, noodles, prawns and assorted other ingredients. For me laksa is a truly a unique and mouth watering dish, especially when its your grandma's home cooked recipe! The dish has many variations and one of them is katong laksa. In katong laksa the noodles are cut into short strips, so the entire dish can be eaten with just a spoon. One of the unintended (or perhaps intended) benefits is that there is almost no chance of splashing your white shirt with laksa gravy, something I appreciate very much!

Apparently there are only two franchises/outlets that can claim to have the ‘original’ katong laksa. The Original Katong Laksa (Janggut Laksa) and Roxy Laksa. I ate at the former where it was pleasantly busy on a weekday evening. Prices were extremely reasonable at $3-5 for a bowl. I got a large bowl of laksa and some otak. It was my first taste of otak, which is a mix of cooked fish and spices. It was nice and savoury, though I felt it didn't really compliment the meal. The laksa was delicious, the gravy rich and creamy, with a good helping of noodles and prawns. My main complaint is that the portion sizes was too small for me, even when I ordered a large bowl. I think with 2 bowls I might be able to appreciate the taste better!

Definitely worth a visit if you love laksa, I recommend bringing an empty stomach so you have room for multiple servings!