Tuesday, September 9

Food Review: Neighbours Restaurant

Cuisine: Taiwanese
Price: <$15 a main
Location: 8 Lorne Street, Auckland
Website: NA

Neighbours is the type of restaurant which you could walk by a dozen times and never notice or visit. If this is you, then you've missed out! Neighbours is one of a few Taiwanese restaurants in Auckland, serving similar, but unique, food to a Chinese restaurant.

Entering the restaurant, you will not be wow'd by the decor, the ambience or the seating arrangements. In fact it’s all rather bland (and green), but you'll soon find it's the food that makes this place shine. In the corner of this basement restaurant are large pictures of food, with little cards hanging from hooks. This is your menu. You'll cast your eyes over dozens of sumptuous choices including fried meats, fish balls, soups, rice and desserts. When you are ready to order, you pick up the cards of the dishes you want and give it to the counter staff. Yes, it is completely weird and I still can't work out why, but it's all part of the charm of Neighbours. You'll also notice a giant vat of self serve green tea, which while certainly won't be the best you've tasted, is certainly appreciated.

Dishes are reasonably priced and the portions are extremely large. In some cases you may struggle to finish a single main! Everything I've tried on the menu has been enjoyable and there are a few dishes which were particularly delicious. The pork trotters are incredibly succulent, the meat falling off the bone and the rich broth perfect with rice. Dumplings are always a safe bet at Neighbours, available either dry or in soup. The braised beef soup is wonderful, with heaps of noodles, large chunks of meat and an unami rich broth. Neighbours also serves my favourite bubble tea in Auckland, which is neither too sweet or too bitter and comes in the perfect serving size. Every occasion I've visited Neighbours I've left with a full stomach and happy palette.

Don't go into Neighbours expecting fine dining. Instead expect tasty, hearty, generous food. It's the perfect place to bring friends and share a casual lunch.