Saturday, September 6

Food Review: Il Buco

Cuisine: Pizza
Price: $5 a slice
Location: 113 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland (multiple locations)

Il Buco is a unique little establishment, with two locations in the city. The d├ęcor is minimalistic, clean and sharp. It is a nice little touch to the dining experience, separating it from other pizza chains, which look more like fast food joints. Il Buco primarily serves pizza, with an impressive selection of toppings. Each slice is $5 and they are cooked fresh, as opposed to reheated, within 10 minutes.

As mentioned Il Buco has an extensive selection of toppings, which easily number into the dozens. I usually find it hard to choose what I want to order, but no matter my choice, I'm always blown away by the taste. The pizza slices are non greasy, and the ingredients taste fresh and bold. A real stand out for me was the feta and spinach slice. I recommend coming here with a friend, so you can order and share  more of these delicious wee bites.

Il Buco serves up simple, fresh and great tasting pizza every time. If you are a bit bored of the greasy, reheated variety, go to Il Buco for a fresh take on pizza.