Thursday, May 15

Food Review: Little Sheep Hot Pot

Cuisine: Hot Pot/Chinese
Price: $30 per person
Location: 27 Cross St, Newton, Auckland
Website: N/A

Little Sheep Hot Pot is conveniently located near the top of Queen’s Street, and not wanting to trouble my friends with travel, I chose to eat there. The result was an enjoyable, but rather average hot pot experience.
The restaurant is clean and spaced out, a marked difference from traditional hot pot joints I've been which are often cramped and dirty. There were only a few other diners that Saturday and it continued to be quiet throughout the night. I felt it was a bit empty and soulless without the merry making din of others.

There were 2 staff that night and both seemed overwhelmed by the demands of us few diners. We had to wait longer than necessary for items like tea, food and drinks. The menu was confusingly partially Chinese, though all the important dishes were in English. All the staples of hot pot were accounted for like beef, fish balls, bean curd skin and cabbage.

The portions were pretty generous and we ate with glee. The spicy soup and pork soup both tasted good, and only got better as the night continued. Unfortunately a noticeable number of dishes came out still frozen, this was definitely not the freshest fare. At the end of the night we were stuffed and very satisfied with the meal.

Little Sheep Hot Pot offers an average hot pot experience. It’s not flash, or great quality, but you’ll still enjoy a good meal and its central location makes it convenient.