Tuesday, May 20


I've been going to church, or at least Christian events for the last few weeks. I'm not a Christian, nor do I believe in any gods, so why would I go to such an event? It’s been for three reasons. One is the social element; I'm always keen to meet new people especially since I've moved to a new city. Another aspect is that I'm fascinated by how other people think and how they justify their beliefs. The last reason is that we are provided dinner with salad, main course and dessert. I'm hard pressed to turn down such an abundance of delicious food, especially when I'm not earning money. Last night, for instance, we were served roast lamb and beef, roast potatoes, kumera and pumpkin and an Asian salad. For desert some sort of pie. It was utterly fantastic and even after I went back for seconds, there was still plenty of food left over! Oh, one other motivation, church girls are cute.

Last night was noteworthy for something else. Some of us started asking some hard questions, which I felt the speaker didn't answer well. Essentially we were told that if you accept Jesus you will go to heaven, if not then hell. But an unborn child or somebody that has never been exposed to Christianity could never accept Jesus. Yet these people would be condemned.

I cannot believe that a God is loving and just, if he would condemn unborn children to hell for not believing in him. I'm still looking forward to next week, to hear whether this can be explained. Also MORE FOOD.