Monday, November 25

Food Review: Octapas

Cuisine: Spanish tapas
Price: $50+ per person
Location: 3D River Valley Rd, 179023

Octapas is situated at the gaudy Clarke Quay, with the restaurant overlooking the river. It's a nice location to whittle away the hours with good company. We ordered several dishes; the iberico and cheese platter, sautéed potatoes with chorizo, beef and pork meatballs in tomato sauce, deep fried battered squid rings and churros with chocolate sauce. We also ordered 2 sangrias and a beer.

When the dishes came I raised an eyebrow at how tiny the portions were. Yes, it is tapas so they will never be large dishes, but $14 for 5 small meatballs is ridiculous. The cheese platter had 3 types of cured meat, some slices of cheese and some olives and walnuts as garnish. It was the highlight of the meal. Both the meat and cheese tasted great and were likely imported. The rest of the meal could only be describe as okay. The meatballs were under seasoned, the chorizo and potato was okay, the calamari was okay, the churros was okay. At the end of the meal we were still hungry, but I lost the appetite for more Octapas.

Over priced, mediocre food, with what some may consider a beautiful view of Clarke Quay river front.