Thursday, November 21

Food Review: The Coastal Settlement

Cuisine: Western, Asian 
Price: $45+ per person
Location: 200 Netheravon Road, 508529

The Coastal Settlement is situated out of the way, with no public transport nearby. This has the obvious benefit of being one of the few quiet locations in Singapore, one of the few locations where you can sit outdoors and feel at ease. The inside of the restaurant is filled with old memorabilia and the outside is beautiful, surrounded by plants.

The menu has a varied selection of Western and local dishes including burgers, laksa and calamari. After speaking to the friendly waiter he dissuaded me from the laksa and instead recommended the curry chicken with rice (also orderable with bread). We also ordered the pepper beef, sambal kai-lan and chocolate bread and butter pudding for dessert. As a drink we ordered the chocolate martini.

The chicken curry came in a generous portion and I was quickly impressed. The curry was thick and extremely rich in flavour. It was a fatty curry, but thats the way I like 'em. The chicken portions were drumstick and wing, with drumstick being my favourite. The potatos were cooked perfectly as well. I was extremely happy with this dish and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

The chocolate martini was sumptuous. A large scoop of chocolate ice cream took centre stage and it tasted awesome. The combination of alcohol and chocolate was impossible to resist and I could have easily drunk/eaten several more of them!

The pepper beef and kai-lan were also delicious. The pepper beef came in a medium sized portion, which was a little disappointing compared the curry. The sauce complimented the beef without overpowering it and the meat was well cooked, without being overdone or dry. The kai-lan was pretty standard, but I love kai-lan so enjoyed the dish.

The chocolate bread and butter pudding was an interesting take on a classic dish, but I didn't feel it was wholly successful. The dark chocolate overpowered the rest of the flavours and really only left the rich chocolate taste. I love chocolate but I feel that the bread was only there to provide a vehicle for the chocolate, where as I would have preferred a more subtle flavour to enhance the bread and butter pudding.

The Coastal Settlement surprised me with its picturesque dining location and its great food, all at a reasonable price. The chicken curry was amazing and the chocolate martini and chocolate bread and butter pudding were bold. The Coastal Settlement is definitely somewhere I have to eat again, in order to taste more of their great menu.