Friday, August 2

Time To Be Less of A Blogging Slob

So I haven’t posted any updates on this blog for months now, how awful of me. I have some 'free time' now and I have things I want to write about. I’ve also just moved to Singapore and my core audience size has increased by two (you know who you are). So I’ll start by posting at least one blog entry every week. I’ve just downloaded Shadowrun Returns, so once I complete it I’ll post a review. Sadly I only have time to game on the weekends so it may take me a while to review subsequent games, assuming I even get the time to play them in the first place. Additionally I’ll be posting my experiences of life in Singapore, as well as short movie reviews; like Pacific Rim (BEST MOVIE EVER).

This increase in blogging activity is totally not about getting attention and driving traffic so I make some money off Google Ads. I think I only need to hit like 100k views a day to live off the blog anyway…