Wednesday, August 28

Journey Into Modelling - Part 3

The time had come to repeat TvC but I was really dreading the moment. Additionally I’d finally found a job as a business analyst intern. Part of my initial motivation with modelling was “finally, something I can try to excel at and focus on!”. This evaporated after I got a position at a respectable company. I was terrified of doing another TvC and had lost most of my initial motivation, so I started to think I’d just drop the modelling lessons permanently. On Friday night I was still undecided whether I should skip class. After getting drunk with a friend I decided “Fuck it” and slept in. I was very close to not turning up to any more classes after that. Finally, after feeling very ambivalent, I decide to stick with the lessons. For one thing I had paid money for them, thus I should remain so I got what I paid for. Additionally if I wanted to get modelling auditions I would need to show Shine my dedication. Another reason was I had made a commitment of sorts to see the modelling through, and my word is gold. Though I technically never said I would attend all lessons, I felt I had implied it enough to keep going. Finally even if I didn't enjoy it any more, it was a way for me to grow and gain experience. So I continued to attend lessons. Perhaps my perseverance paid of because I got an interesting opportunity.

It was around week six of classes that I got a phone call for an audition, it was an ice cream commercial. The audition was during my jobs working hours, so I decided that I couldn't attend. I didn't want to make it appear to my bosses that I wasn't fully committed to my job. But then the following week I got another call, this time for a Visa commercial. I decided if I was going to continue to get modelling calls then I might as well ask my boss if it was possible to get time off. My request was successful and I was on my way to my first real audition. I arrived at a nice, artsy studio. I filled out a form and then it was photo time. They asked me to take some front and side profile shots, and then give them about twenty different poses. I was slightly nervous at this point. I find the idea of people carefully watching you and judging uncomfortable. Finally I was to use a table and chair to act out a concept they had for the final advert. I had to pretend I was in a café somewhere nice, checking out the view while slouching in the chair. The female photographer made comments like “Wow, you’re checking out the girls!” and “You've relaxed in a café before!”. I couldn't help but laugh! The whole experience only took fifteen minutes but was quite enjoyable.  Unfortunately I never heard back from them, so the job went to somebody else.

During the last week of classes we were to put on a modelling show in front of real judges. It involved six acts, with most acts requiring a different outfit. The acts were:
Group catwalk (summer outfit)
Group poses (monochrome, i.e. white shirt and black jeans)
Single catwalk (black singlet and black jeans)
TvC (anything)
Q&A (executive fashion)
Finale (executive fashion)

Soon my competence as a model would be judged...

Continued in Part 4