Sunday, June 3

My Weight History, Before and After Photos

So a few years ago I was fat. I've always been a sporty guy but around puberty I started eating like a fat ass. I would eat something between 600-1000 g of food, 3 times a day. Understandably I got fat, the exercise I was doing wasn't enough to compensate for my appetite. I become unhappy with the way I looked and being younger I was happy to believe "I'll just do 100 sit ups a day and I'll get rid of my belly!". Naturally that did nothing and for a few years I was fatter than I'd like. I don't have any photos of this time, suffice to say I had a nice beer belly, despite not drinking a sip of alcohol.

Eventually I started uni and decided eating "healthier" would be enough to shift the weight, cue me eating a sweet potato with half a stick of butter for lunch. Thankfully being forced to buy my own food, and being stingy with money meant I was eating less, and walking around campus meant I shifted a few pounds.

A couple of years ago, when mentally I was at my worst with severe depression and anxiety, something finally snapped and I decided to sort my weight, and everything else, out. So I took up weight lifting, ate a high protein, low carb calorie restricted diet and this is what happened in a couple of months. The first pictures were a month or so into the routine.

End of February
End of February

End of April

End of April. That horrible neck posture!

Funnily enough, weight lifting and having a focus diet seemed to help a lot with the depression and anxiety.

Currently I'm about 5 pounds of fat heavier than the bottom pic, after rediscovering pigging out. I'm currently messing around with diet, so see how little effort I can put into getting back to my ideal aesthetics, and will make a post on it.