Sunday, June 3

Its Not Like Max Payne 3 Is Filling A Void In My Life Right Now

Here's a really exciting topic, websites that are worth reading!
Reasonable gaming coverage. Don't bother with the reviews though, they're full of the main tropes of gaming "journalism".
These guys must be the bro-est gaming writers out there. Fantastic podcast, quicklooks can be hilarious. Reviews are well written, though I often disagree with the score, but you can still respect the authors opinion.
Brilliant nutrition blog, straddles the line between scientific accurate and readable. His dietary suggestions have some resemblances to paleo.
Mark Sisson seems to be one of the big paleo players. His information is generally good and I would recommend the site if you are interested in improving your diet, how ever I disagree with many of his conclusions, such as his hard on for organic food. Avoid the forums like the plague, they're filled with the same dogmatic idiots that would have said "eggs are bad for you because of cholesterol!", until they discovered paleo.
Denise Minger is somebody who has a hard on for analytics and has used her talent to look at nutrition claims. You won't find a wide berth of topics, but what she covers, she covers very extensively. Only recommended if you can stand looking at lots of numbers and data analysis!
If you haven't seen the Star Wars prequel reviews, then lol at you. Their regular series; Half in the Bag is great to listen to in the background.