Thursday, May 14

Food Review: Patisserie Vaniye

Cuisine: Patisserie/desserts
Price: $9 a dessert
Location: 1/7 Windsor Street, Parnell, Auckland

I've never found Parnell a particularly compelling place to eat, so I was sceptical about this near mythical patisserie which was situated there. Patisserie Vaniye was the place and it entirely lived up to its glowing reputation.
The premises are rather unassuming, with an appreciable lack of pomp. The vivid, sculpted, cakes are in full view as you walk in the patisserie. They're priced at $9 each, which may be higher than other dessert centric cafes, but those at Vaniye are worth their weight and then some.
The patisserie offers a selection of cakes, baguettes, quiches and macaroons. All the desserts look sublime, and feature ingredients such as chocolate hazelnut layers and vanilla creme brulee, which create a conundrum on where to start. 

Whatever choice you make, you will soon be in bliss. The dreamy Black Forest cake's chocolate base and luxurious thick kirsch cream, is balanced by bursts of tart cherry. The Coco Mango's slightly fibrous coconut mousse, with gloopy passion fruit coulis and crunchy praline made for an irresistible combination of textures.
The cakes are never overtly sweet and every one has been sublime. It's a necessity for dessert and cake lovers to make a pilgrimage to Vaniye.

And lets not forget the savoury items. The quiches are worth a brief mention for their light, crumbly crusts. The biggest surprise at Patisserie Vaniye were the baguettes. Composed of a few simple ingredients, they are everything a sandwich and baguette should be.
A supreme crunch is needed to break through the crust, every bite true satisfaction. The three or four ingredients that await your palate are expertly chosen: Perfectly ripe tomatoes, mellow cheese, and salty, fatty prosciutto are just one of the combinations you can choose. 
The bread is without a doubt the best in Auckland and I know that I'll be buying Vaniye baguettes exclusively from now on. 

The only slight blemish on this otherwise decadent patisserie, is the rather average service. 

Otherwise Patisserie Vaniye is a beacon of decadence in New Zealand.
The best cakes in New Zealand, bar none.
The best baguette in New Zealand, bar none.