Tuesday, May 5

Food Review: La Noisette

Cuisine: Cafe/chocolaterie
Price: $5 to $8 for most pastries and desserts
Location: 518 Karangahape Road, Auckland
Website: https://www.facebook.com/lanoisette.chocolats

Patisseries and cafes seem to have taken over Auckland, popping up like weeds on almost every street. But despite the overflow of generic, 'chic' cafes, you occasionally find somewhere a little bit special like La Noisette.

Located on the culturally fluid Karangahape (K) Road, the cafe is a nice respite from the blaring traffic outside. It's small and somewhat quaint, but the interior is appealing and you feel as if you could lounge there for a comfortable few hours, sipping coffee and eating freshly baked croissant.

The menu includes the necessities; muffins, croissants, pan au chocolat and sandwiches. The sandwiches are rather passe, but La Noisettes croissants are soul nourishing. Buttery, flaky, slightly moist slivers of pastry make for the perfect petit dejeuner.
Where La Noisette adds that little bit extra, is the range of chocolate goods. From their four varieties of hot chocolate, to the hand made bars, chocolate lovers will find themselves spoilt for choice. With the weather turning to the wet, windy and cold variety this is the perfect time to indulge in La Noisettes hot chocolates! Their brownies are another treat, laced with almond slices and cranberries, the latter adding a sweet, tart note and breaking up the rich monotony.
Several desserts such as gateau and frangipane tarts, are also on offer. I didn't find these quite as enjoyable, with the heavy frangipane eclipsing the fruits strewn through out.

Chocolate, yes! Viennoiserie, yes! Sandwiches and others, meh! La Noisette makes an amicable effort, with some truly delicious pastries. The cafe is inviting and the staff friendly. Try not to get addicted to all their chocolate offerings!