Monday, March 16

Food Review: Little Mexico Cantina

Cuisine: Tex Mex
Price: Around $25 a main
Location: 31 Wellesley St, Auckland CBD

Woe to those expecting an exciting meal at Little Mexico Cantina. Its inviting, yet cliché Mexican interior, contrasts with the bland and over priced menu.
You’ll pay $14+ for nachos and quesadillas, which you could make at home for half the price and most likely tastier too. The ubiquitous guacamole tasted like it was made hours earlier, and contained unappealingly large chunks of onion.

The staff made a couple of mistakes that night, forgetting part of our order and presenting an incorrect bill. They at least were apologetic and friendly throughout the night.
The main course of enchiladas was surprisingly enjoyable, after our expectations were tempered by the poor entrees. With a side of wholesome beans, and succulent chicken wraps, it was addicting and we polished the dish off quickly. It was on the smaller size for $26 though.

While the restaurant is somewhat charming, and the staff friendly, Little Mexico Cantina serves bland, overpriced Tex Mex. Stay away, unless you have an allergy to home cooking, and a thirst for the generic.