Tuesday, June 3

Food Review: Giapo

Cuisine: Ice cream
Price: $9.50 for a single scoop cone
Location: 279 Queen's Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
Website: http://giapo.com/

Giapo specialises in one thing and one thing only; ice cream (well, sorbets as well). Located conveniently on Queens Street, it's a must try if you are in the city centre. Giapo's compact premises have minimal seating so be prepared to take your ice cream for a walk. This is perhaps the only mar on an otherwise fantastic experience.

Giapo's June menu 

There are over a dozen choices of flavour, some of which change every few weeks. Each is lovingly crafted by the staff, who decorate the ice cream with creative toppings like blow torch melted marshmallow. Prices are extremely reasonable with double scoop cones under $10. You can also try deluxe cones, with one covered in white chocolate, which are worth trying for the novelty.
I've been to Giapo a couple of times now and eaten several flavours such as avocado, tiramisu and chocolate evolution.

The chocolate evolution features three types of chocolate, all at a stunning 70% cocoa. I'm always lustful for great dark chocolate and this hit the spot perfectly. The chocolate ice cream is rich and creamy, with the chocolate fat melting in your mouth. The three types of chocolate give the ice cream diversity in texture, which only enhances the eating experience. I can only describe this as chocolate bliss, the best chocolate ice cream I've ever eaten.

I also tasted a double scoop; Giapo buono and banana, peanut and white chocolate. I ordered the special cone to go with it. The Giapo buono was a caramel focused ice cream with added goodies such as meringue and praline. I certainly enjoyed this cone but I had two major problems. The first was that the two flavours weren't that distinct and melded into each other, to the point I couldn't tell which one I was eating. The other problem was that the deluxe cone was awful. It was covered in what seemed to be crunchy, sour berry crumbs. It was so sour that I struggled to eat the cone. Both ice cream flavours were delicious, but this experience really cemented in my mind that when at Giapo, stay simple. Get one flavour only, in a regular cone or cup.

Other flavours I've tried included tiramisu and avocado, which were also fantastic. The avocado tasted fresh and the tiramisu rich. Each ice cream felt like it was made from premium ingredients only minutes ago.

Giapo is a marvel of ice cream. Each flavour is masterfully blended to maximal taste and looks beautiful. Every flavour will bring you joy. Just don’t mix the flavours, and don’t expect to have a seat at peak hours.